WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Is Sami Zayn Winning Too Soon for Him?


Is it too soon for Sami Zayn to win the WWE Money in the Bank briefcase?

Six men will step in the ring at WWE Money in the Bank 2017 to fight to climb the ladder and grab the infamous briefcase. One of those men will be fan-favorite Sami Zayn.

Zayn could be in a position to win that match. After being stuck in a lower end position on Raw since last year’s Draft, Zayn’s quickly risen up the ranks of SmackDown Live. He’s been involved in marquis matches on TV and, now, he’s set for a potential PPV main event.

Most people would agree that Zayn is super talented, but that doesn’t excuse the question: is it too soon for Zayn to get a win of this magnitude?

It could be argued that his presentation to this point hasn’t been good enough, but that plays right into Zayn’s hands.

Zayn is an underdog. A win for him would come a little out of nowhere but it would kickstart his rise in a different way then what happened in NXT.

Zayn’s win could send him on a tear. A streak of wins in grudge match-type feuds could take him from where he is to champion-in-waiting.

A cocky heel champion stepping all over him and daring him to cash-in could turn into a scared heel constantly looking over his shoulder. It will garner heat for the champ and adoration for Sami.

The crowd would explode at the sight of that cash-in. Zayn has always had the crowd behind him and the cash-in is always a big deal, so adding those two things together would create a truly unforgettable moment.

This would be an interesting parallel to Zayn’s rise in NXT.

In NXT, Zayn could never win big matches, even though he had become the face of the brand in many aspects. The man who was then-known as Adrian Neville held the NXT Championship at the time that Zayn finally earned his first major shot at a TakeOver special, and it was Zayn’s disposition to go about things the right way that cost him the title.

Then Zayn did start to win big matches. He put down foes that previously had his number and definitively stamped his No. 1 Contender’s ticket to TakeOver: R Evolution to face Neville one more time.

At first, Neville was confident. He had begun to show some new heel tendencies and was very blunt in telling Zayn that he didn’t think Sami had what it took to win “the big one.” Then, as Zayn gained momentum before (and even during) the match, Neville’s confidence slowly faded.

Zayn hit a Heluva Kick on Neville that night to win the title. That match went down as possibly the best and most memorable in NXT history. It was followed by a short reign, but that was partially due to the fact that Zayn was ready to make the jump to the main roster. Zayn was ready for that jump then, and now he’s ready to make the jump to the main event.

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It would be a big gamble for WWE to take on Zayn, considering they haven’t really done much to test the waters with him. However, with Zayn’s track record, there’s very little doubt that giving him the briefcase would be a huge success.