WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 5 Bold Predictions

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Uncertainty is in the air as WWE Money in the Bank 2017 approaches us. Here are the wildest predictions for the annual extravaganza.

WWE Money in the Bank 2017 will be hitting us next Sunday from the Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri. The show possesses a chaotic and frenzied energy that has come to define it over the years. This year would not be any different either.  Moreover, we will witness history in the making this year as the women of SmackDown Live would battle it out in the ladder match, the PPV is associated with.

The term ‘Anything can happen in the WWE’ normally gets thrown around a lot. However, when it comes to Money in the Bank, it is indeed true. Last year, the event ended with all three members of the SHIELD holding the WWE title over a span of 5 minutes. That’s the kind of uncertainty this show has produced in the past. However, regardless of how random things might seem, there would always be a pattern.

We try to identify the pattern at play this year and come up with 5 bold predictions for WWE Money in the Bank 2017. These are the wildest of wild predictions. The odds for each of the events being discussed below can vary rapidly over the course of the next week’s show. Without further delay, let’s begin to break things down.