WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 5 Bold Predictions

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3. American Alpha Returns to Challenge the New Day

Remember when American Alpha was the hottest tag team in the entire WWE? I can’t really blame you if you don’t. The team has lost so much momentum following their main roster call-ups. The initial days of SmackDown Live‘s tag team scene were being built around Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. But the duo hasn’t been featured on TV for the past few weeks.

At WWE Money in the Bank 2017, the New Day would be challenging the champs, the Usos. It would be safe to assume the New Day wins the SmackDown Tag team titles in their first attempt itself. However, it would be a nice touch if American Alpha were to return that night and challenge the new champs to a future show down. Of course, this goes under the assumption that New Day does indeed win on Sunday and follow it through in their rematch with the Usos.

Now would be a good time to bring back American Alpha. They bring so much energy to the roster and are exactly the kind of young performers who can complement the Usos. The tag division is one of SmackDown’s weaker attributes. There is a substantial lack of credible heel teams there. But the blue brand has done well to build up teams over time. Perhaps, they can get American Alpha right this time around.