WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 5 Bold Predictions

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1. Rusev Makes His Presence Felt

Rusev has been using social media to claim his right for a shot at the WWE title. However, neither Daniel Bryan nor Shane McMahon seems to have paid any heed to his tweets. Finally, an enraged Rusev would post a video of himself promising to get answers. Speculations were rampant among the WWE Universe that the Bulgarian Brute would appear on an upcoming edition of SmackDown Live.

However, that would not be the case as Rusev is yet to make his debut on the blue brand. Though Rusev himself stated on Twitter that he would come to SmackDown Live, he is yet to do the same. Seeing as there is still one show left between WWE Money in the Bank 2017 and now, there is always the probability of the Bulgarian Brute wrecking havoc in the blue brand next week.

However, if creative wanted to make a bigger deal of this, they should have Rusev go on a monster run during the Money in the Bank PPV itself. There are two options at creative’s disposal and they could use either of them or both. Firstly, he should make his presence felt during the ladder match when one of the babyfaces are about to grab the briefcase. It could be Sami or Styles. This would also ensure that Rusev has a feud waiting for him when the PPV is over.

Secondly, creative could have him interfere in the WWE title match itself. This would serve two purposes. It would establish Rusev is unhappy with the WWE title scene. Secondly, it would establish a way for Mahal to retain the title. There is no reason to believe Orton would fall for the same numbers game once again. As such, Rusev’s inclusion would be a nice change of pace. Depending on who he chooses to attach, WWE can craft a feud out of thin air. R

Rusev Vs Orton is a very fresh pairing. That matches would be excellent and the action would be compelling. However, Rusev Vs Mahal would be even more interesting. Especially when one considers their history as a tag team for a while. Of course, that ended when Rusev brutally attacked Mahal.

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What would make your list of wild and bold predictions for WWE Money in the Bank 2017? Do you agree with these picks? How would you book Rusev’s return? Let us know in the comments section.