Impact Wrestling: Results and Analysis for June 15

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EC3 Addresses India

EC3 now dubbed as E Singh 3 has a revelation for the audience in India.  The Mumbai crowd is not pleased with EC3’s attempt.  The audience was quite vocal about Carter and he even brought a translator.  Having a translator in itself helped fuel the crowd.  He calls India a third world hell hole as he is ready to destroy history.

Carter claims that all he has found is the same thing he sees in Impact management and that he is the only guiding light.  The translator doesn’t want to say what EC3 said and this offense Ethan Carter.  Carter knocks down the translator then wipes him with his own belt.  He continues to add insult to injury every week but Storm comes to save the day.  When Storm hits the ring, EC3 flees the scene.

The Swoggle and Spud saga continues in catering.  You could cut the tension with a knife.  They reflect on rivalry and Swoggle stuffs Spud’s face into his own food.

Josh Matthews Sparring Session

Result: Matthews def. Sandeep

Matthews plays up the fact that his partner is Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner.  He states that he handpicked his opponent who is a former cricket championship and on the Olympic wrestling team.  Then he brings his opponent out, Sandeep.  According to Jeremy Borash, there is no record of Matthews’ opponent.  Matthews hits a hip toss and a drop toe hold which is more than anyone thought he’d remember.

Sandeep fights back with a dropkick of his own which upsets Matthews.  Matthews goes for a low blow then hits a Swanton Bomb and ends the match with the Steiner Recliner.  After the match, Mahabali Shera comes out to help Josh Matthews to lock in the Steiner Recliner.  Alberto El Patron runs everyone away.