Impact Wrestling: Results and Analysis for June 15

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X-Division Championship Match
Low Ki (c) vs Sonjay Dutt

Result: Dutt def. Low Ki via pinfall

Sonjay Dutt has made it clear that this will be the last time he challenges for the X-Division Championship if he loses.  Both men come into the match with eye injuries and begs the question if one will attack the injury.  Low Ki goes after the eye early in this match as he also removes the eye patch of Sonjay Dutt.  Low Ki takes the fight out to the crowd but melee is ended after Dutt sends Low Ki into the apron.

The two competitors can seem to take control as they know each other so well.  Sonjay Dutt capitalizes off the high risk Warriors Way attempt with a superplex as the tide looks like it had turned but still the pendulum keeps moving.  The top rope splash earns Sonjay Dutt his first ever X-Division Championship.  The roster comes out to celebrate with Sonjay Dutt.

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It’s almost academic that Sonjay Dutt will finally win the X-Division Championship in his home country.  I love Low Ki going after the eye of Sonjay Dutt.  That is traditional heel wrestling 101.  Sonjay Dutt’s emotion in trying to finally win the title that has alluded him showed his will to win.  Many of the title matches have had the either man can win feel to them but finally Sonjay Dutt does what he had never done.