Elias Samson Strikes a Chord on WWE Raw


Is Elias Samson a one-hit wonder of has WWE struck gold with the former NXT star?

Elias Samson has been a nice surprise on the flagship show as of late.  Not only is the crooner gaining heat, but he’s put on some good performances as well.  His stint on NXT may have left much to be desired, but Raw has served as Samson’s turning point.  Big wins and ample concentration are big factors in what could be a big star for WWE.

Samson has been presented as a talent with great potential.  He has been winning matches, with a big win against Ambrose to boot.  He has made great use of his opportunities, whether it’s to gain heat or prove that he belongs with the big guys.  The time dedicated to him hasn’t gone unnoticed in the least. His concert performances are met with boos and ridicule – something that has proven to work in the past when it comes to segments.  Honky Tonk Man and Jeff Jarrett come to mind when it comes to playing music for the fans.  Fans wanted no part of it back then and in today’s WWE, where it’s hard to get the heat, something old is becoming something new.

To top it off, the nice surprise is actually a breath of fresh air for the struggling Raw.  Samson’s “Who wants to walk with Elias?” catchphrase has caught on quickly which only helps Samson’s cause.  Considering he’s a drifter, it is pretty tongue-in-chic.  He has the tools to make a great villain on Raw.  His drifter character is angst-filled as he tears down the city the show is taking place in efforts to gain cheap heat.  Again, it’s something so simple to get the boos but it works.

For what it’s worth, it looks as if Samson will soon be finding himself in a feud with Dean Ambrose.  The two put on a great match on last week’s Raw.  There’s already some history between the two courtesy of The Miz.  Samson secured two victories against the former WWE Champion thanks to The Miz, but it is apparent that Ambrose has unfinished business with the Intercontinental Champion.  Samson is the scapegoat for The Miz, however that helps him gain even more disdain from the fans.  Perhaps it’s a matter of time before Ambrose can secure a win over the drifter, to which fans would love to see Samson lose to the Lunatic Fringe.

Samson has only been on the main roster for a couple of months now, but his time on TV has shown some promise.  It looks as if the company is invested in him for the time being, but the question is will they build on Samson as he continues to improve his character?  It’s a favorable start after a slow burn to have him actually debut on the show.

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It’s up to Samson to capitalize on his newfound role on Raw.  The potential and promise are there, and Samson has shown to have what it takes to succeed on the main roster.  If the reactions keep up, just maybe this NXT alum will go platinum.