WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 3 Opportunities for Carmella to Cash-in

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3. During an Unexpected Moment on SmackDown Live

It will no doubt get teased to no end on upcoming episodes of Smackdown Live, however when she does eventually cash in and it is on the show it needs to be when no one actually sees it coming. Maybe orchestrate a backstage attack on Naomi before she has an upcoming match, hijack the match and cash in. Or there is always the case of dragging her out after a surprise attack and making the match then and there.

Doing it just after a match would be a little too predictable and that is when the teases will be, so it should be done away from that to add to the suspense of having the briefcase in hand. James Ellsworth is going to be the wild card and it wouldn’t be a shock if he plays a hand in a lot of the teases and perhaps even the cash in.

The cash in should not be rushed, it is a good way to further build Carmella and get a lot of wins under her belt and perhaps Naomi may not even be the champion when she cashes in. Becky Lynch as champion with Carmella cashing in on her would be some good storytelling, especially with the Ellsworth factor.