WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 3 Opportunities for Carmella to Cash-in

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2. Cash in at Summerslam or Survivor Series

Instead of cashing in on an episode of Smackdown Live, the cash in could be saved for one of the two biggest PPVs left for this year. Either Summerslam or Survivor Series would work well, depending on the situation for the Women’s Champion. It would make sense that we need Raw vs. Smackdown Live at Survivor Series with the women and the cash in could happen at the end of the match with the champion as the sole survivor. After such a huge match that is the right time to take advantage of a tired and hurt person and grab the championship off of them.

As for Summerslam, anything is possible. The cash in could happen after or during the women’s match or even just make the match for the event instead of having a surprise cash in. It takes away the suspense, however, it does give an opportunity to build up the match and even add in a stipulation. Having the cash in on a grand scale PPV will make it seem extremely important and add a lot of value to the Women’s Title.

Not to say the title isn’t valued but this does add something extra to it, with how hard that briefcase was fought for. It shows how much each woman wants to be champion, and now the lengths that Carmella will go to in getting that title.