Mike and Maria Kanellis Debut at WWE Money in the Bank (Video)


Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis debuted at Money in the Bank. However, something was different about them.

Speculation surrounded Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis debuting in WWE for the past few months, which only picked up this weekend (h/t Wrestling Rumors). They were set to be part of the SmackDown Live brand, and debut either at Money in the Bank or on Tuesday night.

Well, things developed earlier, as Bennett and Kanellis showed up at Money in the Bank. They came out to a love-themed titantron and entrance music, introducing themselves to the crowd as Mike and Maria Kanellis. Yes, Mike his real-life wife’s last name.

Afterward, they danced on the stage and walked to the back.

Mike and Maria are bringing the “power of love,” which is interesting. They’re the latest one doing this, as couples have dominated WWE for decades. There’s the legendary ones, like Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, and the not-so-fortunate pairs, like Lana and Dolph Ziggler.

The Kanellis’ are well-known to the professional wrestling scene. They competed in Ring of Honor and TNA for a handful of years, departing the latter in March, after Anthem took over for Dixie Carter.

Before this, Maria competed in WWE, but in the late 2000’s. She mostly worked as a singles wrestler, compared to being a manager (most of the time) for the past few years. This promo segment didn’t indicate how she’ll be used, so everyone will have to wait for SmackDown to see what WWE has planned for her and Mike.

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Were you happy to see Mike and Maria Kanellis debut? What will WWE do with them next?