WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Results: Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton Highlights


At Money In The Bank, Randy Orton got his chance to regain the WWE Championship from Jinder Mahal.  But who walked out of St. Louis as champion?

On May 21st at the WWE Backlash pay per view, Jinder Mahal shocked the world when he defeated 13-time world champion Randy Orton for the WWE Championship.  Mahal, during his first run in the company, was seen as nothing more than a jobber having racked up well over 300 losses and never winning a championship.  To say he was a massive underdog in that match is an understatement.  So it was virtually stunning to see “The Maharaja”, now in his second stint in the WWE, walk out of Rosemont, Illinois as the champion. It led to Sunday’s rematch at Money in the Bank.

In the following weeks, Mahal and Orton have had a series of altercations on Smackdown Live and their war comes to head this Sunday in St. Louis.  So what went down?  Did Orton get his revenge on his foe and become a 14-time world champion?  Or did Mahal retain and continue on his baffling run from lower card status to main event champion?  Here are the results of the WWE Championship match at Money In The Bank.

The champ was out first.

And then “The Viper” in his hometown.

Orton came out hot, delivering huge right hands to Mahal.  After a reversal, Orton went for an RKO but the champ spotted it and bailed out of the ring.

Back in the ring, it was all Viper and he sent Mahal back outside with a clothesline.  Orton continued the assault before Orton appeared to have re-aggravated his left knee.

Mahal then to focused on Orton’s knee, wrenching it in the ropes.  The champ’s confidence was beginning to rise but that changed when Randy countered by back suplexing him onto the barricade.  But the momentum was short-lived when Jinder spiked Orton, knee first onto the announce table.

Mahal then grounded the fight, twisting Orton’s hurt knee but Orton wouldn’t quit, landing a beautiful fall away slam on the champ.

Mahal retreated outside and played possum, attacking The Viper and once again dropping him on his knee, this time on the barricade.  After another failed RKO attempt, Mahal went back to work on Orton’s knee.  A pattern was forming.  The arrogant Mahal, then pointed to Ric Flair at ringside and locked in the figure four on Orton but The Viper was able to reverse.

Mahal continued the destruction and then locked in a spinning toe hold, Dory Funk style.

A quick small package for two by Orton and it’s right back to the Jinder assault.  Mahal then went for a superplex but Orton countered and completed one of his own, the finishing move of Bob Orton on Father’s Day.

The two warriors then exchanged huge strikes in the center of the ring which Orton got the better of, culminating in a vintage Orton powerslam.  And then another classic as Orton landed a middle rope DDT.

Orton then rioted the crowd and set up the RKO which he executed only for one of the Singh brothers to put Mahal’s foot on the rope just before a 3-count.  After discussion, the ref ejected the duo from ringside.

The Singh Brothers then tried to troll the hall of famers at ringside which led to a vicious beating from The Viper.

One Singh brother onto a table and the other through a table, RKO-style.

However, Orton’s distraction allowed Mahal to recover and land his finisher for the win.

Winner and still champion: Jinder Mahal

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