WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 3 Women Who Can Make a Surprise Appearance

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Photo courtesy of wwe.com

3. Paige

Paige sparked rumors this past week via Instagram with the comments “Time to start kicking ass again”.  The pictures on Instagram show she’s back to working out and getting back in shape.  Pictures are worth a thousand words – she looks to be on the mend after recovering from neck surgery last fall.


However, it is unclear what her relationship is like with the company at the moment.  Thanks to the notorious relationship between her and former Superstar Alberto Del Rio, the possibility of her participating in the women’s Money in the Bank match is extremely slim.  ADR’s comments slamming the company certainly don’t help her case.  That and with her neck injury it poses a serious risk in her first match back in over a year.

Except for her social media postings, news concerning Paige has been rather quiet.  Perhaps things have been smoothed over backstage if that is the case.  She is my pick to be the shocker if she is revealed as the sixth woman.  She is currently on Raw, but who’s to say Smackdown has acquired her?