WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 3 Women Who Can Make a Surprise Appearance

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2. Maria Kanellis-Bennett

It has been confirmed that Kanellis-Bennett and her husband, Michael Bennett have signed with the company this spring.  With various sites reporting that the couple is due to debut on the upcoming Smackdown, fans can’t help but think that Kanellis-Bennett may make a surprise appearance at Money in the Bank.

Kanellis-Bennett has stayed in the pro wrestling scene since her departure from the company back in 2010.  She was best known outside of WWE in Ring of Honor, where she valeted The Kingdom.  Her wrestling experience is minimal, but Kanellis-Bennett isn’t the one to shy away from risky situations.

If she is the sixth woman, it is unlikely that she will capture the briefcase.  However, Kanellis-Bennett isn’t to be overlooked considering her résumé.  The Smackdown Women’s Division is about to get bigger with her addition regardless of tonight’s outcome.