WWE Twitter Reacts to Carmella Winning the Women’s Money in the Bank


Carmella won Money in the Bank, but how did Twitter react?

Tonight, Carmella reached up and grabbed the Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase…or rather, James Elsworth reached up and dropped the briefcase down to her.  Either way, she became the first Ms. Money in the Bank in history. She also may have made herself a top star in the women’s division.

The final moments saw Elsworth thwart Becky Lynch and attempt to get Carmella up the ladder. When that didn’t work, he climbed it himself. Briefcase clutched to her chest, Carmella celebrated by watching Elsworth argue the validity of the win with the referees. The crowd in St. Louis reacted with boos, but what did Twitter have to say?

Unsurprisingly, a man grabbing the briefcase in a match advertised as a historic game-changer didn’t go over particularly well with the internet wrestling community. Many jeered that particular call.


Others would be into it if the finish hadn’t involved Elsworth physically grabbing the briefcase. Carmella recently gained some traction for this match and could be elevated the most by it. Does this elevate her? Debatable.

However, some felt the decision was actually a positive one designed to get heat on Carmella.

Carmella may be regarded as a dark horse in the months leading up to tonight’s historic event. However, recently more and more fans expressed their faith in the Princess of Staten Island. The Money in the Bank briefcase is traditionally held by a heel. Typically, they capitalize on an opportunity and end up kicking a face champion while they’re down. Carmella, though not the most proficient of workers, is possibly the best female heel on SmackDown right now. Which is why it feels bizarre to have the moment of her reaching up for the briefcase stolen by her heater.

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The sentiment would be fine if she got up and did it herself. Instead, all we’ll remember is Elsworth literally taking the moment away from all of those female competitors.