4 Predictions for WWE Raw: June 19, 2017

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Samoa Joe Marches On

Two weeks ago, Samoa Joe decided to go the extra mile and deliver a message to Brock Lesnar. Assaulting his advocate Paul Heyman during a segment between the two, Joe wanted the Beast to see exactly what awaits him at Great Balls of Fire. The attack left Heyman down and out, but eventually he recovered and contacted his client.

Instructing him to show up on Monday Night Raw the very next week, Heyman wanted the world to see the fury of the Universal Champion on display. This in turn marked Lesnar’s first appearance since the post-WrestleMania episode. Surprisingly, the Beast didn’t even have to call out his number one contender for a fight. On his own accord, Joe walked straight down to the ring and landed a vicious head-butt on the champion.

As the two athletes began to land vicious strikes on one another, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle tried to put an end to the conflict. Sending security down to the ring, he was dismayed when Joe and Lesnar dispatched them at ease. At a loss, Angle decided to signal the whole locker room to come down. It took nearly a dozen superstars, but they were finally able to separate the two monsters.

Thanks to this segment, Joe established himself as a man who knows no fear. He’s on a collision course for an absolute war, and I’d doubt he’d want it any other way. Leading up to Great Balls of Fire, the Samoan Destroyer is going to leave carnage in his wake. At the present time, it’s hard to think of anyone capable of stopping him from doing so.