4 Predictions for WWE Raw: June 19, 2017

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No Mind Games This Week

Since the aftermath of Extreme Rules, Bray Wyatt has made it his mission to punish those who cost him a shot at the Universal Championship. Currently, the Eater of Worlds is intent on adding Seth Rollins to his growing list of victims. Although the two haven’t come to blows as of yet, that time is rapidly approaching.

Wyatt is trying to frustrate his rival and rightfully so, because it’s a very sensible strategy. The mind games have worked for him in the past, and here Wyatt thinks this feud is no exception. Unfortunately for him, the Eater of Worlds is quickly going to be on the defensive rather than offensive.

Last week, Seth Rollins stormed down to the ring and wanted nothing more than a fight. His request wasn’t granted, which is going to make him even more incensed as a result. The Architect is bound to take matters into his own hands, and when he does things will get rough in a hurry for Wyatt. Odds are, Rollins will take advantage of the Eater of Worlds when he’s at his most vulnerable.

Given that Wyatt wants to eliminate those whom he competed against at Extreme Rules, it isn’t out of the question that he might when to switch his focus for one night. He still has yet to combat Finn Balor, and so a match between the two may be booked for tonight. If this does come to be, this is the perfect time for Rollins to strike.

Let him cost Wyatt a match in return for how the Eater of Worlds did so to Rollins two weeks ago. It’ll allow the Architect to gain a little payback, which would in turn make Wyatt even more driven to rid WWE of Seth Rollins forever.