4 Predictions for WWE Raw: June 19, 2017

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Roman Reigns Gets Direction

At the beginning of Monday Night Raw, Roman Reigns is set to make an important announcement. No one knows what the purpose of this segment is, but it’s certainly drawing interest. The possibilities that are on the table are truly limitless. Perhaps he’s going to assert himself into a high-profile feud, or maybe the Big Dog is set to introduce a cover reveal for WWE 2K18?

Personally, I believe that one of two things will take place here tonight, with both of these scenarios involving the return of a WWE talent. First, what we could be witnessing is the return of Braun Strowman. The segment involving Reigns could just be a set-up for his comeback, seeing as how he and the Big Dog have unfinished business. Each man has scored a victory on pay-per-view against the other, which means we’re bound to receive a tie-breaker in the near future.

The other possibility on the table is the return of Goldberg to the Flagship Show. While at first many assumed his match at WrestleMania 33 to be his last, Goldberg still appears to be in phenomenal shape. The rumor mill has been suggesting that he’s set to return soon anyway, which is a great way to boost Raw’s sinking ratings. A high-profile feud between he and Reigns would definitely peak fan interest.

Whatever announcement is made, it’s sure to have huge implications for the company going forward. Reigns is their golden boy, and so everything he does carries weight and importance. WWE has big plans for the Big Dog this summer, and we’re likely to discover those developments over the next few episodes.

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