WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 3 Opportunities for Baron Corbin to Cash-in

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2. Raw

I’m going bold with this prediction. If Corbin were to break Edge’s record, and hold the briefcase for over 280 days, could the brand split be over by then? The brand split is already showing signs of weakness, Vince McMahon’s abrupt Superstar Shakeup and John Cena’s Free Agent gimmick, shows that WWE doesn’t exactly love the restrictive nature of the brand split.

If that’s the case, could the Money in the Bank briefcase become a device that creative can use to effectively unify the WWE Universal Championship and the WWE Championship?

Though the idea of holding onto the briefcase for that long would go against Baron Corbin’s character motives, we have seen WWE disregard character development in order to make things a bit more convenient. However, some things would have go right for the Lone Wolf in order to make that happen. For instance he would have to find a way to win one of the two major WWE Championships, or he could insert himself into a title vs title match during a shared brand PPV such as the Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, WrestleMania, or Summerslam.

A cash in this far removed from his initial win would give Corbin ample time to refine his wrestling skills, and tease a cash in leading up to this point. By holding on to the briefcase, he is able to keep the focus of the entire WWE Universe squarely on him.