WWE Money in the Bank 2017: 3 Opportunities for Baron Corbin to Cash-in

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1. At John Cena’s Expense

The last time John Cena returned after a long hiatus from the ring, he challenged AJ Styles (who had beat him twice before his departure) for the WWE Championship, simply because he could. John Cena is only 1 championship reign away from becoming the most decorated champion in WWE history. With John Cena set to return on July 4th, could we see Cena once again challenge the WWE Champion?

If Cena does return and challenges for the WWE Championship, I can’t imagine Baron Corbin is going to be too happy about that.

Imagine the incredible amount of heat that Baron Corbin would receive if he cashed in on John Cena’s opponent before winning his 17th world title? The cash in writes itself. After a long, grueling championship battle, John Cena’s opponent crashes down on the ring, having just received an AA. Before Cena can pin the champion, the Lone Wolf’s music hits and he sprints to the ring delivering an End of Days to an exhausted John Cena before pinning the champion.

Whatever PPV, Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, or if it happens on a regular Smackdown Live, a cash in at John Cena’s expense would make for must-see TV.

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Money in the Bank has helped propel the careers of a number of superstars. Only time will tell if Corbin can take advantage of this incredible opportunity.