WWE Battleground 2017: 3 Potential Opponents for Jinder Mahal

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In his first “pay-per-view” title defense, Jinder Mahal came up victorious once again over Randy Orton. Who’s next for The Modern Day Maharaja at Battleground?

Could we finally be done with this Randy Orton and Jinder  Mahal feud? As it is, Mahal is up 2-0 in “pay-per-view” matches against Orton, but then again, the WWE does need to do something prior to SummerSlam and Mahal’s impending opponent for on the Big Four events of the year.

Remember that “pay-per-view” Battleground?

There are few superstars that could go up against Mahal right now, so it’s a good thing that I’ll only need to tell you three of them!

One thing that could make Mahal’s title reign much more intriguing is that fact that Baron Corbin is now Mr. Money in the Bank.

Does this play a role in how Mahal hangs around on Smackdown or how he carries himself while Corbin still possesses the brief case? That’s the kind of psychology that will be interesting to see as we get into the heat of summer.

So who are three of Smackdown’s finest that will want a chance at Mahal’s title?

Remember: Battleground is set for action in Philadelphia on July 23. Who will keep Mahal busy that night?

Spoiler alert: Corbin will not be featured here—don’t see them facing off in a match for the championship under any circumstance. Also, Cena isn’t featured here as that will be a SummerSlam match for sure.

First up…