WWE Battleground 2017: 3 Potential Opponents for Jinder Mahal

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3. Randy Orton

On the surface of it, a one-on-one match between Orton and Mahal again seems nauseating, but hear me out.

Imagine this: At the “pay-per-view” event titled “Battleground”, we get Mahal and Orton locked inside a Punjabi Prison Match where Mahal puts Orton away for the third and final time sending him to the back of the line.

For Orton and Mahal III to be pulled off successfully, the WWE will need to book a unique match concept—another regular single’s competition will be boring.

Inside a Punjabi Prison, it will be difficult for The Singh Brothers to interfere and it will almost be on home turf for The Modern Day Maharaja.

Also, a three “pay-per-view” sweep of the Legend Killer would make Mahal look incredibly strong with SummerSlam only a month away after Battleground.

Mahal has had help from The Singh Brothers in these last two “pay-per-view” matches, using that as leverage to Orton could entice Orton to accept the Punjabi Prison Match concept, but The Singh Brothers could either help again, or this could be a prime spot for Mahal to get rid of them.

Up 3-0 on Orton, this could be the turning point where Mahal finally does away his comrades and reaches arrogance and cockiness levels that we’ve never seen before.

Orton and Mahal for the third time could be boring, but with a Punjabi Prison Match concept, that should make the fans be OK with it—hey the WWE will have to try to do worse than they already are now.