WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Results: Best and Worst Moments

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The Ravishing Russian Shows Promise

Heading into Money in the Bank, one of the most prominent concerns centered around Lana. Not only was she set to compete in her first singles match, but it was also a championship contest. That amount of pressure could get to anyone, especially someone who has limited in-ring experience. Despite this, the Ravishing Russian entered the arena last night full of confidence. It was hard to see why beforehand, however, her abilities are much clearer now.

Although her skills weren’t that polished, Lana showed tremendous potential throughout the match. Keeping up with the SmackDown Live Women’s Champion isn’t an easy task, as Naomi is easily one of the most athletic females in WWE today. Still, Lana was able to do so, and in the process earned the respect of fans. The live crowd was thoroughly invested in what they saw, and they became even more interested when Carmella arrived.

For the briefest of moments, it seemed like Carmella was going to cash in the briefcase. If she had done so, she would’ve been the third superstar to cash-in the same night they won the briefcase. Thus far, only Dean Ambrose and Kane have acted upon such an immediate opportunity, with both winning gold as a result. Carmella could’ve joined that list, and in doing so become the first woman to cash-in the briefcase.

Instead, Carmella chose to simply observe the ending of the battle between Lana and Naomi. The challenger put a great deal of effort into gaining the title, and even appeared close to doing so. Naomi managed to fight back though, earning the win via submission. Because of this, Lana seems to have left the title scene; at least for the time being.