WWE Raw: Can Enzo Amore Survive as a Singles Competitor?


After an emotional breakup with former tag team partner Big Cass, Enzo Amore is all alone in the big scary world of WWE.

In case you haven’t heard, the team of Big Cass and Enzo Amore is no longer together. After weeks of behind the back beatdowns on the Certified G, it was recently revealed that Big Cass was the culprit.

In an emotional segment to end RAW, Big Cass verbally exploded on Enzo. Cass called Enzo annoying and claimed that he felt bad for him because no one else liked him. He also said Enzo dragged him down and held him back from the heights that he could reach.

As Big Cass continued to berate Enzo with crushing insult after crushing insult, Enzo sold the whole thing brilliantly. Enzo’s eyes welled up with tears as he showed the disbelief and shock all over his face. At one point, there was even a tear running down Enzo’s cheek.

The segment was capped off with a big boot to Enzo from Big Cass after Big Cass officially declared that he was done with Enzo. It was a heartbreaking scene to watch as Big Cass proved that he has the potential to be an elite big man on the mic and no longer needs a mouthpiece by his side to succeed.

The only question that remains is: Can Enzo survive on his own without a partner?

It’s no surprise that Vince McMahon has always seen incredible potential in Big Cass as a singles star due to his size, ability on the mic, charisma, and improved ring work. The exact opposite can be said about Enzo.

It has always been believed that Enzo was paired with Big Cass to hide his poor and green wrestling skills while still utilizing his top-notch mic skills. Now that Enzo is officially on his own, there is no hiding Enzo’s weaknesses any longer.

Enzo Amore, sitting at 6 feet and a little over 200 pounds, is not exactly McMahon’s ideal Superstar. Luckily for Enzo, we live in a time where size isn’t everything, and Superstars of all sizes are exceeding in today’s WWE.

The only problem is that these Superstars are great wrestlers, and Enzo is not. Enzo has undoubtedly improved in the ring during his time in the WWE, but don’t expect any 4 or 5 star matches from the guy anytime soon.

What Enzo does have going for him is oozing charisma and unmatched mic skills. That will not help him in the ring, as he is not credible as an impressive performer and lacks the ability to keep the pace of today’s top Superstars.

With Big Cass likely to receive a good heel push, Enzo will undoubtedly lose his feud with his former partner. After that, Enzo may have nowhere to go. Enzo can not compete in the ring with RAW‘s elite Superstars, and fans are bound to get tired of Enzo’s schtick on the mic if he isn’t picking up wins and is stuck in lower card feuds.

The end of Big Cass and Enzo Amore’s relationship may just spell the end of Enzo Amore’s career, as well. With not so many people believing in Enzo’s single career, it will be up to Enzo to prove that he does not need a partner to get over and be successful in this business.

Enzo’s back is against the wall, and with his former partner likely to see the majority of the creative investment, its time to see if Enzo Amore will sink or swim, but it looks like there’s already an anchor tied to his ankle.

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What do you think the future will hold for Enzo as a singles competitor…if he even has a future as a singles competitor in the WWE?