WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 19

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R-Truth Vignette

As we saw earlier in the evening, Goldust challenged R-Truth to a match next week on RAW.

Here, R-Truth accepts, setting up for a feud that will likely culminate in a match at Great Balls of Fire.

More on this next week.

The Miz Confronts Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas

Following his loss to Finn Bálor, Dallas was seen in the back following Truth’s vignette angry about his loss, but was consoled by Curtis Axel, also known as Axelmania.

During their conversation, The Miz approached the two of them and offered them a chance to join his stable after insulting both of them. At the time we got no answer, but we would as the night went on.

Charly Interviews Samoa Joe

Not a lot to go off of here, but Joe simply reminded Charly and the viewers of his win over Reigns four months ago prior to his match.