WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 19

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Enzo Amore and Big Cass Split

In the final segment of the evening, RAW general manager Kurt Angle came down to the ring and addressed the crowd.

In addressing the crowd he laid out his intentions to resolve this matter of the attacks on Enzo and Cass.

After that, he invited Enzo and Cass down to the ring.

From there, there were two suspect in the attacks over the past few weeks: The Revival and The Big Show.

Angle then invites The Revival down the ring, followed by Big Show.

Angle asks Big Show about the attacks and Show reflects on some memories with Angle and pretty much gives him the “how dare you” treatment.

Following that part of his promo, Big Show then asks himself why he even bothers be on Angle’s show and leaves the ring.

The Revival then speak up after Show’s exit and pleads their case as to how it wasn’t them.

In the middle of them talking, Corey Graves interrupt from the commentator’s desk and reveals that he checked with the medical staff and they said that they never checked with Cass following his alleged attacks.

Cass then tries to defend himself, but Graves has some evidence that puts this case to rest—surveillance footage.

On the tape, you see Cass choreographing a scene that makes it look like he was attacked.

Following the tape, Cass admits that he attacked Enzo and due to the heat on him, he had to stage the attack.

From here, Cass cuts a heck of a promo and refers to Enzo as dead weight and announces that he is through with Enzo moving forward.

There was one line of this promo in particular that stood out in which Cass said: “Your mouth just writes checks that your ass can’t cash, because Big Cass has always been behind you.”

With emotions running high for both men, Cass delivers a big boot to Enzo laying him.

While on the ground, Cass mocks the catchphrase made famous by the duo: “And you can’t teach that.”

Angle then gets Cass away from Enzo as he is astounded by what has transpired.

The show ends with Cass going up the ramp looking down at the ring.

Man oh man, this was a killer promo from Cass. Enzo working the tears was an incredible touch to what should be a heart-wrenching moment and make the viewers at home invested even more in the storyline.

Prior to this, the Enzo and Cass duo was dry as hell. The entrance became annoying and I didn’t care anymore.

It’s going to be great to see Cass in single’s competition, but you wonder where this leaves Enzo.

Maybe these two meet at Great Balls of Fire?

A solid episode of RAW no doubt, but still plenty of dialogue, booking, and structure issues within the show. Fortunately some of it was pushed to the back of the viewers’ mind due to some of the storylines evolving in a nice fashion.

Lots to look forward to next week: Lesnar coming back, Enzo and Cass fallout, Bálor and Samson fallout, The Miz, and of course, the stunning Alexa Bliss.