WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 19

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For what feels like the 10th week in a row, Goldust had another vignette in which he talked about he and R-Truth.

However, this time, Goldust challenged R-Truth to a match for next week on RAW.

Old school Goldust being back is great. Hopefully this band of creative writers can write well enough to do him justice.

In fact, just let Goldust do whatever he wants and not even try, OK WWE?

Elias Samson

In the center of the ring once again, JoJo introduced Samson to the WWE Universe again.

In his promo, Samson did his usual shtick, but announced he need the crowd to be quiet while he tuned his guitar properly.


However, while trying to tune his guitar, Finn Bálor came out and stole the stage from Samson who simply backed away out of the ring with his guitar in hand, smiled, and gave the ring to Bálor in the wake up his one-on-one contest with Bo Dallas.

With so many things the WWE simply can’t get right these days, they’re doing a nice job with Samson. He’s had minimal action in the ring, and his gimmick and look are fantastic—he’s becoming a great heel.

This wasn’t the end of Samson and Bálor for the evening, though, but in the moment, it looked almost pointless.

We’ll get to that later, though.