WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 19

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Kurt Angle’s Office

As mentioned previously, Graves left abruptly to go speak with general manager Kurt Angle.

Returning from the commercial break, Angle was seen on the phone chatting with an unknown person chatting about the Money in the Bank pay-per-view the night prior.

While on the phone, Graves approached and talked to Angle briefly before Enzo and Cass also approached.

Enzo and Cass ask about why Angle wanted to see them and Angle brings up a tweet Enzo sent to UFC fighter Conor McGregor.

Enzo and Cass then ask about the attacks on them and then Angle promises to get to the bottom of it by the end of the night. Of course, Cass continued to blame Big Show.

I’m a fan of backstage pre-tapes. Plain and simple. The assurance that the attack controversy would be resolved by the end of the night made the viewer want to continue to watch as that was a storyline many were invested in. Solid move by the WWE.