WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 19

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Seth Rollins Promo

After the commercial break, the cover superstar of the next WWE video game installment “WWE 2K18” came out to speak to the fans.

During his promo, he talked about the game and how he was honored to be on the cover just like some of his favorite athletes growing up.

The rivalry between Rollins and Wyatt continued, however, as Wyatt interrupted Rollins and was seen on the big screen.

The two men went back and forth which ultimately led to Wyatt coming down to the ring.

After his entrance was finished and his light was blown out, the lights hit.

Waiting for Wyatt, though, was a high-flying Rollins who attacked Wyatt—something he didn’t see coming.

Following this, we hit the sixth commercial break of the evening.

Quite honestly, Rollins as a babyface is so freakin’ lame. Not only that, but the writing for this promo was just garbage—a very forgettable moment.

If I have to say anything nice about this segment it is that this furthered their rivalry, Wyatt crashed the party following Rollins’ announcement of his personal accolade of being on the cover and Wyatt delivered another great promo as he always does.

Unfortunately, the WWE has castrated Wyatt so badly that he’s just lost credibility in the words he speaks.

Rollins’ promo stunk, though. Like a lot.