WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 19

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Elias Samson and Finn Balor

Although this was a fairly short segment, it was worth mentioning in its own slide.

Coming back from commercial break, we were greeted by Charly Caruso and her special guest, Finn Bálor.

In her line of questioning, Charly asked Finn about the Universal Championship and his prediction for Reigns and Joe’s match later in the evening.

While he was analyzing the match, Bálor was attacked.

By Elias Samson.

Remember him? The guy grinning ear to ear allowing Bálor to take his ring?

Samson got his revenge.

It will be great to see where this leads to. If Samson is set for a storyline with Bálor, it really shows how high the WWE is on Samson considering how much they love Bálor at the moment. This was a great way for Samson to gain more heat and go over Bálor.

By the way, I definitely popped for D-Von Dudley coming to Bálor’s rescue after the attack.