4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: June 20, 2017

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Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton Meet One Last Time

When Randy Orton made his way to the ring at Money in the Bank, he had high hopes in mind. Over the past several weeks, the Viper had reminded fans that the event was taking place in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. In front of his father and other notable legends, he planned on regaining the WWE Championship. Sadly, things didn’t go as he envisioned whatsoever.

Similar to what happened during their last contest, Orton was distracted by the Singh Brothers. This time, they had decided to try and assault Cowboy Bob Orton. Unwilling to let his father be attacked, the Viper left the ring and engaged the henchmen. Taking them out with a pair of RKOs, he made his way back into the squared circle. However, Jinder Mahal had already managed to recover enough to strike back.

In the center of the ring, Mahal earned another pinfall victory against the Viper, bringing his current record to 2-0 in championship matches for 2017. However, it cannot be forgotten that both of these wins were a result of interference. The Maharajah has yet to beat Orton on his own, and he needs to do so in order to be taken seriously. Plus, the Viper is likely to request a fair opportunity to reclaim the gold.

To resolve these different factors, WWE will probably produce one last match between Mahal and Orton. It might not happen this week, but they will face each other before John Cena makes his return to the Blue Brand. This is because a match between Cena and Mahal is all but guaranteed to happen, as it’s going to be instrumental in elevating Mahal to the next level.