WWE Raw: 3 Potential Feuds for Big Cass

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Source: WWE.com (via Twitter)

3.  The Big Show

Now I rarely advocate for anybody to feud with The Big Show.  Look, the guy is a legend so take nothing away from him.  But at this point in his career, he doesn’t bring a ton to the table as far as in-ring storytelling goes.  And to be even more honest, his act has grown very stale.  However, in this case, a feud between Cass and Show just makes sense.  After all, it was Cass that accused “The World’s Largest Athlete” Monday night of perpetrating the attacks on both he and Enzo.  This led to a fiery retort from Big Show which led to him questioning whether he should even be on RAW.  So yes, he’s angry, and insulted.

Those facts alone are an easy way to begin a feud.  Also take into account the violent boot that Cass planted on Enzo’s mug and the fact that Show has taken a liking to “The Certified G”.  If Cass continues any more violence on his now former partner, a guy that just so happens to be about a foot shorter and 70 pounds lighter, it might leave Show with no choice but intervene to even up the sizes.

Also remember the recent mini-feud between Show and Braun Strowman.  The Big Show, with his new physique actually seems to be as agile as he’s ever been and he an Strowman put on a couple of solid matches that really helped “The Monster Among Men” get to where he currently is on the roster.  Could a similar scenario do the same for Big Cass?  At 45 years old, Show’s career clock is ticking close to the end and it seems like he’s in a position to give back to the business by putting young talent over.  It might not be the flashiest feud of all time, but it just may be a perfect way set Cass on his way to a major future push.