Daniel Bryan on Potential Wrestling Return: ‘I’m Working on It’


Daniel Bryan seemingly hasn’t given up the thought of returning to the ring again.

Daniel Bryan retired from the ring in a heartfelt speech in 2016. It put an end to a career that saw its peak at WrestleMania 30, winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the show’s main event. Bryan only had a one-month title reign, before being forced to relinquish the title, due to neck and head injuries.

Since Bryan he retired, he’s been the SmackDown Live General Manager, stepping in as the brand split began last summer. It’s a non-wrestling role for him, obviously different from anything he’s done in his in-ring career.

On Talking Smack, Bryan previously teased returning to the ring at some point, saying the following (h/t Bleacher Report):

"The Miz mocked him for not competing anymore. “You want to be a wrestler, but you can’t because of your head. That’s OK.” he said.“I can’t or they won’t let me? We’ll see in a year-and-a-half and see what happens,” Bryan fired back."

Well, in an interview with Sports Illustrated, Bryan addressed the potential wrestling return again. This time, he said, “I’m working on it” and discussed his love for the ring.

It seems the former Bearded Superstar is keen on getting back into the ring. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear details of this until his WWE contract expires. If so, Bryan wrestling again likely would be in a non-WWE setting. That’s all speculation, though, since his words have been cryptic at best.

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Maybe WWE will let Bryan back into the ring or let him walk away next year. Fans would be disappointed with the latter, as he’s still one of the most beloved stars in the company, even as an on-screen figure. So we’ll see what will happen by next year.