WWE Gift Guide: 10 best gifts for a John Cena fan


Looking for a great John Cena gift? This WWE gift guide focuses on the champ, with 10 hand-picked items sure to please any Cena super fan.

Love him or hate him John Cena has been at the top of the WWE ever since he turned in his throwback jerseys and bars and picked up his neon color shirts and began saluting the flag.  With well over a dozen championship reigns to his name Cena has become one of the top sellers when it comes to merchandise. From wristbands to fruity pebble t-shirts there isn’t anything this man can move. So here is a look at the top 10 gifts for that John Cena fan in your life.

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John Cena Never Give Up Shirt

This John Cena shirt takes a classic arcade feel and flips it into one of Cena’s best shirts. Perfect for the fan who doesn’t enjoy all the bright color shirts in Cena’s catalog. The solid dark color allows this one to fit nicely into anyone’s day to day wardrobe.

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John Cena Sweatband Set

It’s become a given when Cena rolls out from behind the curtain he is going to be rocking his HLR sweatband set and every Cena fan out there should be too. If you aren’t lucky enough to catch one of the bands he throws into the crowd, head over to WWE Shop and catch the deal they have one them.

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John Cena Dog Tags

If you’re going to go all out with the sweatband set, mine as well head on over to the dog tags and cop you a set of those as well. This is essential for every Cena fan’s collection.

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John Cena Rise Above Hate Shirt

The Rise Above Hate t-shirt was one of Cena’s more simpler designs but the message that came along with it was something that has really defined Cena’s character for a long time. Aside from the in-ring message that Cena has to rise above the constant boo’s the shirt also brings the after school special aspect of pro-wrestling. If you don’t let hate bring you down, there is so much one can accomplish i.e. John Cena.

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John Cena HLR Rally Towel

Fans love to show their fandom off anyway they can. So when your Cena fan is rocking the dog tags, sweatbands & t-shirt they are going to need one more thing to complete it and that’s the rally towel to wave viciously when that best starts to knock and Cena makes his way out.

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John Cena Pop Figure

Every super fan goes out of their way to collect every piece of merch they can and Pop Figures have become a big part of that culture. People like Zack Ryder & Noelle Foley have what seems like an endless collection of this guys. So surprise your Cena fan with one and help build their collection to Ryder levels.

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John Cena Purple Never Give Up

One thing that’s been true about Cena and that is he has always produced countless amount of merch and most importantly shirts. The purple Never Give Up shirt is one of those most have shirts from Cena. There is just something about it that seems synonymous with Cena’s style.

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John Cena AWA Themed HLR Shirt

This is a personal favorite of mine and pretty much any old school wrestling fan. Cena once again flipped a well-known logo into something fresh. By taking the AWA logo and giving it a HLR makeover Cena mixed the new school with the old school something he’s done rather well throughout his career.

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John Cena Lime Green Never Give Up

Without a doubt this is a classic John Cena shirt. From back when Cena had the Chain Gang popping and the spinner title was as cool as ever. This one is often imitated, but it never lives up to the perfection that the original one had.

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I love bright colors and Cena has delivered some of the best bright color way shirts in WWE, next to the New Day of course, this being my all-time favorite. The lime green tee, was the driving force behind The Rock’s infamous quip comparing Cena to a box of Fruity Pebbles.

Now that you know what to get that John Cena fan in your life, it’s time to go buy them and surprise that super fan. Didn’t see something you like here? Check out WWE Shop’s full line of John Cena merchandise.