WWE NXT Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 21

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Sonya Deville vs. Rachel Evers

Result: Sonya Deville defeats Rachel Evers via Seated Double Wristlock

Rating: Squash

This was essentially a tune-up match for Sonya Deville. She has a very aggressive, unpolished style that’s in stark contrast to some of the other women in the division. Based on her talent alone, she has the chance to go far in NXT. Couple that with her women gladiator look and the sky’s the limit for her.

Despite the fact she was basically raw meat to a lion, Rachel Evers also impressed. She had vocal crowd of supporters behind her throughout. Evers has a great babyface look. Given a bit more polish, could see some great things from her if put in the right position.

Strong vs Roode Backstage

Roderick Strong and Bobby Roode’s rivalry came to a head when Roode made comments about Strong’s wife and child. Strong didn’t hesitate for but a moment before unloading punches on the Glorious one, who returned in kind. This set up our main event 2 weeks from now with Roode defending his title against Strong.