WWE SmackDown 5 Takeaways: The Era of Carmella to Continue?

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The TV ratings increased on Monday night with a strong episode of Raw, and WWE SmackDown Live followed things up with an episode that was even more action-packed.

This week’s WWE SmackDown was always going to be must-see TV after a man inexplicably won the first-ever women’s Money in the Bank match. The company didn’t miss the opportunity to allow Carmella to absorb some of James Ellsworth’s heat, and the creative team also made sure to get another exciting women’s match that they can hype up for next week’s show.

Outside of the women’s division, which was obviously front-and-center this week, the fans were treated to several other quality matches, as well as a teased cash-in from Baron Corbin. Below are five takeaways from SmackDown Live, including some thoughts on Carmella and Becky Lynch, both of whom will be fighting for the MITB contract next week.

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5. The Era of Carmella to Continue?

Carmella has always been touted as one of the most underrated superstars on the mic, and her work in the ring has improved consistently throughout her time in the WWE. Her feud with Nikki Bella peaked at TLC, and while she came out on the losing side of that battle, that was the first evidence of her ability to make a name for himself.

The creative team didn’t give her anything to sink into after that, but she did her best to try and turn her partnership with James Ellsworth into passable television. Some of her skits with Ellsworth were solid, but it always seemed like she was doing far more to help Ellsworth than what was reciprocated by “The Man With Two Hands”.

Well, Ellsworth handed her the Money in the Bank briefcase, and while it would have been far better if she won it herself, she drew every degree of heat she could have possibly drawn out of the crowd last night. Her promo reminded me of the promos The Miz cut. She put over the superstars who have a gripe with her while making it clear that she dislikes them (calling Charlotte “athletic” and Tamina “strong”, for example), she berated the crowd, and she used historical examples to justify her heel-ish means of winning.

It was a clinic in promo work, but it isn’t a surprise to those of us who have followed Carmella’s work on the main roster closely. She is incredibly charismatic, and she knows how to get herself over. More importantly, as a heel, she knows how to get others over. When she does cash in her contract, her time as a champion will be long overdue. Carmella is an example of how the Money in the Bank briefcase can be the perfect opportunity for a superstar to take the next leap and make themselves a big deal.

She was forced to hand the briefcase back, and the match will be re-done next week on SmackDown Live. While it would be nice to see Becky Lynch, Natalya, or someone else winning, the briefcase deserves to be in Carmella’s hands. She needs it the most, and she can help make the honor feel important.