WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 20

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Ms. Money in the Bank Gives Her Say

At the top of the hour, SmackDown Live begins with the backstage return of Daniel Bryan. Discussing what transpired in the female MiTB ladder match, he promised the female athletes who lost the contest that a decision will be made. As one can imagine, this dilemma is probably going to be featured heavily on tonight’s show.

Focusing now on the squared circle, Carmella wasted little time in making a grand entrance to the ring. Alongside James Ellsworth, she welcomed everyone to the “Fabulous Era” and talked about how much buzz her win on Sunday created. In her mind, the actions of Ellsworth were justified because the match was a no-disqualification environment. If there aren’t any rules, how could one be broken? She brought up how past winners such as Seth Rollins also received aid to win the briefcase in order to back up her claim.

Believing that there was nothing further to discuss, Carmella demanded that Daniel Bryan recognizes her as the first female MiTB winner. As for everyone else, she told them that nothing was going to change in regards to her holding the briefcase.

Shifting to the backstage area, Bryan was watching the entire segment on a television monitor. Before he really gets a chance to react, Charlotte Flair comes up to say a few words. Bryan starts to talk about an apparent neck injury Charlotte suffered, but she cuts him off. Urging her boss to right the wrong, she left the area as Bryan contemplated her words.