WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 20

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WWE United States Championship Match
Kevin Owens (c) vs Chad Gable

Result: Kevin Owens wins via pinfall

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Our next match of the night involved Kevin Owens making an appearance for an open-challenge. Putting his United States Championship on the line, he offered any talent to come down and face him for the gold. The only condition was, they had to be from Dayton, Ohio. Since SmackDown Live was being held tonight in that city, it seemed fitting to offer a hometown hero a shot. Plus, Owens doubted that anyone on the roster was from there.

To his surprise, the Prizefighter watched as AJ Styles appeared. Believing that he was accepting the challenge, Owens compared him to other “stupid” Americans and continued to insult him. although he was ready for a fight, Styles wasn’t the opponent that was accepting the challenge. All of a sudden, American Alpha’s music played throughout the arena. Chad Gable accepted the challenge, because it turns out he had moved to Dayton this morning.

Confused by what was occurring, Owens let down his guard and Gable took advantage. Nailing the champion with suplexes, he tried to end things early with an ankle lock. Owens made it to the ropes though, and soon after took control of the contest. Gable did manage to fight back and score a few close counts, but it was all for naught. As Styles watched at the commentary table, the Prizefighter hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb on Gable for the win.

In yet another backstage segment (way to go SmackDown Live), Daniel Bryan was talking to the Hype Bros. Reminding Bryan that they had earned a tag title shot before Zach Ryder’s injury, the duo wanted to cash-in that chance. Despite the title scene being different than it was last year, Bryan allows the championship match…if they can beat the Usos next week.