WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 20

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I’m Afraid I’ve Got Some Bad News…

After deliberating all throughout the night, Daniel Bryan was finally ready to announce his decision. Bringing every female involved in the Money in the Bank ladder match to the ring, he begins to discuss what transpired. For Bryan, the difficulty here was that nothing like this has ever happened before. Yes, people have interfered in MiTB matches, but no one has ever unhooked the briefcase when they weren’t involved.

Due to this, the General Manager decided to set a new precedent here tonight. However, James Ellsworth had a few choice words for Bryan, wondering aloud if having a child made him soft. Angered over the comment, he retaliated by saying that he’d punch Ellsworth he ever spoke about his kid again. At this point, Carmella thought it’d be a good idea to interject in the proceedings. Her choosing to speak led to all of the women trading insults and threats before Bryan took control.

Finally getting around to revealing his decision, what he said will go down as a truly historic moment. For the first time ever, a MiTB winner was forced to confiscate the briefcase, and Carmella wasn’t happy in the slightest. The next announcement he made was equally historic, as another MiTB ladder match will take place on SmackDown Live next week.

To close out the segment, all of the women took part in a brawl. One by one, the ring cleared until Carmella stood alone with Becky Lynch and Charlotte. The two would hit their finishers on the former briefcase holder as the segment came to an end.