WWE Battleground 2017: 3 Potential Opponents for Naomi

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Credit: WWE.com

2. Natalya

Since coming to Smackdown Live, last year in the draft Natalya has made it known that she wants to be champion once again. The Queen of Harts has had one of the longest championship droughts in recent memory as she has not held gold since 2011.

The so-called Best There is, Best There Was and Best There Ever Will Be, has been on a bit of a roll the last few months. Natalya was able to win her final clash with Nikki Bella, and has now become the leader of the welcoming committee alongside Carmella and Tamina.

The trio defeated Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Naomi at Backlash, and have won multiple tag matches against that trio as of late. Despite coming up short in the Money in the Bank ladder match, Natalya could get back on track by facing Naomi.

Natalya is a proven veteran and could give Naomi a solid month of programming heading into Summerslam season. The two could put on a great technical match and could help Naomi continue to grow inside the ring.

Battleground is in a weird spot as WWE most likely won’t use a marquee match for the event as they want to save it for Summerslam in August. Natalya has the track record and pedigree to help give Naomi a quick decent program before Summerslam.

The match could Naomi some momentum and give Natalya a well-deserved title match. The two could work a quick month program before we head into Summerslam.