5 Injuries that Changed WWE Since the Brand Split

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Credit: WWE

An injury to a WWE superstar can create a ripple effect across that affects the entire company. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest injuries and how they affected the WWE since the brand split.

Whether major or minor, injuries are a part of any impact sport, and WWE is no exception. However, unlike other sports, wrestling has a theatrical storytelling element that requires all the superstars that are involved with the angle to help drive the narrative forward. An unexpected injury can drastically change the course of a story or even potentially the WWE, for the better or worse. Promising young careers have come to a screeching halt due to injuries, while others reap the rewards.

If an injury occurs, it normally sends shockwaves throughout the entire WWE. Writers, producers, and Vince McMahon himself have to scramble to make last-minutes changes to the product. These changes could potentially have huge consequences to other superstars involved and the title picture. Rewrites to storylines could mean other superstars are taken off TV until the injured wrestler returns, or that the storyline is completely abandoned.

With the current brand split, the effects that an injury could have on the show may be devastating. However, an injury to one superstar may mean another wrestler is elevated in the process. Let’s examine the top 5 most injuries that changed the landscape of the WWE since the brand split.