WWE SmackDown Division Rankings After Money in the Bank

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SmackDown Live. Photo by WWE.com

Welcome to the SmackDown Division Rankings after Money In the Bank.

These are the power rankings for each division on Smackdown Live for this following week. Each division would be ranked based on storyline progression and win/loss record as of 2017. Also, each division would be divided by contenders and pretenders, to differentiate the challengers in their respective division. I’ll also highlight a specific superstar in each division and explain their ranking based on their actions. Win/Loss record is provided by CageMatch.Net.

Each superstar or tag team can move up or down the rankings based on victory, defeat or storyline progression. Let’s get right to the rankings.

SmackDown Live. Photo by WWE.com

The SmackDown Live Women’s Division

Highlights of the Division

The Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match might have one of the shortest and horribly booked ladder matches in WWE history but it did accomplish one goal—turning Carmella into a future Smackdown headliner. This division had been lacking for months on a superstar that can rival the mic skills that Alexa Bliss left behind in the Superstar Shakeup. Since Charlotte has turned into a babyface—Carmella was primed to take over the top heel spot of the division. She’s been treated as the most hated villain on the program. Heck, even Renee Young and Daniel Bryan were laughing at her on Talking Smack while she was crying after being stripped of the MITB briefcase. The dollar signs are there to milk this thing all the way to the top.

That’s why it’s key for Carmella to win next week’s Money in the Bank ladder rematch. Not only has she distinguished herself from the rest of the pack—but also have the potential to surpass even the male superstars on the Smackdown roster. The Princess of Staten Island has the opportunity to take a page out of the playbook of WWE Hall of Famer Edge of winning the ladder match in dramatic fashion next week. Her impassioned mic skills and opportunistic victories could, in the end, turn this division around as the most exciting part of the Smackdown Live broadcast moving forward. She should be dubbed the Ultimate Schemer. 

Meanwhile, for the Rest of the Division

The title rematch between Naomi and Lana might be overshadowed by the ladder match but given the opportunity could be quite exciting. Lana clearly held her own this past Sunday but it clearly looks like Naomi might retain her championship next Tuesday night. If the WWE was serious about strapping the championship on Lana they could have done it days ago. It looks like the money fight down the line would probably be between Naomi and Carmella, as it should be.

Let’s see the rankings for the division this week.

SmackDown Live Women’s Champion: Naomi (7 Wins – 5 Losses)


  • Top Contender: Charlotte (7 Wins – 10 Losses)
  • Contender No. 2: Carmella (9 Wins – 3 Losses)
  • Contender No. 3: Becky Lynch (7 Wins – 9 Losses)


  • Pretender No. 1: Nikki Bella (3 Wins – 1 Loss)
  • Pretender No. 2: Natalya (5 Wins – 6 Losses)
  • Pretender No. 3: Tamina Snuka (2 Wins – 1 Loss)
  • Pretender No. 4: Lana (0 Wins – 1 Loss)