Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for June 22

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Suicide vs Matt Sydal vs Trevor Lee vs Eddie Edwards vs Davey Richards vs Braxton Sutter

Result: Sydal Wins the Sony 6 Way Trophy

Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards get the match started by going after one another.  Suicide takes out everyone with a dive early in the match but wasn’t able to capitalize since his opponents were out of the ring.  Braxton Sutter looks like he’s building momentum but Trevor Lee eliminates him by grabbing the tights.  Trevor Lee makes it two for two by stomping through Suicide for his second elimination.  Davey Richards gets disqualified by attacking Eddie Edwards with a chair.  Then, Eddie Edwards suplexes Davey Richards through a chair and takes himself out of the match for revenge.

It brings us to the final two, Trevor Lee and Matt Sydal.  Sydal’s offense showcased his quickness while Lee was more about power.  Matt Sydal’s speed wins him this match after his signature Shooting Star Press.  Sydal wins the Sony 6 Way Trophy after the six-way X-Division match.

Jeremy Borash encourages Joseph Park since he is concerned going into their Slammiversary match.  Borash has been on the negative side of having the match until this week.  For the first time since the match was made, Joseph Park and Jeremy Borash are on the same page.