Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for June 22

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Sienna and Laurel Van Ness vs Allie and Rosemary

Result: Sienna and Van Ness def. Allie and Rosemary via pinfall

It looks like Rosemary may not show up for the match as Allie waits for her on the ramp.  Sienna and Laurel Van Ness go up to ramp for a two on one attack on Allie.  As Rosemary’s music is playing, she comes out from under the ring to help her partner Allie.  This sparks the team to early momentum in the match.  As the Allie and Rosemary are firmly in control, KM comes out to distract them.  This allows Sienna to get the first pinfall victory over Knockout’s Champion, Rosemary, in her career.

This match had its intrigue with questioning whether Rosemary would show up for the match.  Rosemary’s character has taken a major turn since splitting from the Decay.  She still functions free of others but with this new ally, there may be a little more humanization with Rosemary going forward instead of functioning as a devil-like creature.

LAX is in their clubhouse getting ready to take out other tag teams in independent promotions.  They went to two independent promotions and took out the tag teams in the ring while also securing some extra funds for themselves.