Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for June 22

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Sonjay Dutt Celebration

Sonjay Dutt expresses his gratitude for the fans in India and all his supporters.  He his joined by native Mahabali Shera.  As he continues to address his homeland of India, he is interrupted by the former X-Division Champion, Low Ki.

Sonjay Dutt thinks that Low Ki came out to congratulate him on his victory last week.  Low Ki does give him his credit but also calls it luck much to the dismay of the Mumbai crowd.  He also wants a rematch for the X-Division Championship but Dutt wants it at Slammiversary in a two out of three falls match.  The match is made official and the crowd begins to roar.  Low Ki then attacks both Sonjay Dutt and Mahabali Shera. As he looks to end them both with the Warrior’s Way, Matt Sydal comes to their aid.

KM vs Mahabali Shera

Result: Shera def. KM via pinfall

Mahabali Shera disregards the doctor’s orders and comes out with heavy tape on his ribs.  KM attacks Shera on the ramp and Shera goes into the steel steps on the outside.  This early attack gives KM the early advantage.  Even when Shera tries to fight back, his ribs affect his attacks.

KM capitalizes on the injury but Mahabali Shera would fight back.  Shera would end the match with the Skyhigh.  After the match, Kongo Kong comes out to add more pain to the already injured body of Shera.  Mahabali Shera tries to fight back but the numbers are just too much for the hometown superstar.

Joseph Park and Jeremy Borash go back to training for their upcoming match.  There was a max of three reps by each man during the workout.  Borash even included an AJ Styles joke before jumping into the pool.  Everything seems to be well with Park and Borash going into their Slammiversary match.