WWE SmackDown Live: 3 Underused Stars on the Show

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2. American Alpha

American Alpha hits all the right notes for a successful tag team. They are two energetic young wrestlers. They also have a killer name for a tag team. I have never been a real fan of their entrance theme though. I have often felt like it lacks the charm and the energy that the team possesses. Regardless, they were once the hottest part of SmackDown Live.

From all that sudden stardom, the team has almost fallen into obscurity. So much so that Chad Gable was featured in a singles match against Kevin Owens in a match he never really had a chance. Honestly, nobody would have expected Gable to win the United States title. Regardless, fact of the matter is that American Alpha should be a more prominent part of SmackDown on a weekly basis.

Despite having a really weak tag division, the duo hasn’t been given much opportunity. Their act works so well as a babyface team that turning them heel won’t do them any good either. WWE would be better off moving them to Monday Night Raw instead. Kurt Angle has often expressed interest in working with them. Moreover, considering rumors of a potential program between Angle and Triple H, American Alpha could factor in as Angle’s cavalry.