Has WWE Already Ruined the Legacy of the Women’s Money in the Bank?


The Women’s WWE Money in the Bank match had plenty of hype, but did a finish hurt its impact?

This past Sunday the wrestling world was treated to WWE: Money in the Bank.  The annual event based on a ladder match that gives the winner a title opportunity, anytime, anywhere, has become a staple of the WWE PPV calendar. This year, however, a new chapter was added to the story. In a history-making move, the WWE created the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank match. This would be the first time women would be in a ladder match under the WWE umbrella since Beth Phoenix battled Katie Lea Burchill in OVW. Charlotte Flair, Carmella, Natalya, Becky Lynch and Tamina will go down in the record books as the trailblazers of the multi-person match.

The women’s ladder match kicked off the event and for the meat of the match, did not disappoint.  The big worry going into the match was if the company would let the women actually go out there and do what they are capable of, or if they would be restricted.  Every competitor had their chance to shine and get a moment to stand out during the match.  If there were any nerves by the competitors they didn’t show it at all.

As the match was building to a fever pitch, each woman began to push themselves to new heights.  Charlotte nailed a beautiful corkscrew senton off the top rope to the floor that took the crowd’s breath away.  Throughout the match, Tamina was delivering superkicks like she worked for UPS. Becky and Nattie traded ladder shots that would make anyone call into work the next day. And Carmella waited and plotted to make sure whenever she struck it was at the right time.

Controversy Creates Money in the Bank

The match was winding down, each woman making their attempts at reaching the briefcase and history.  When finally the match ended, but not in a way that anyone thought.  With all the women down and a ladder set up in the center of the ring, Carmella’s “friend” James Ellsworth climbed the ladder and tossed the briefcase down to Carmella. The WWE clearly hoped that the controversy will create cash. All it seems to be creating is frustration with the company.

With Ellsworth’s actions at the end of the match, the history books will forever have an asterisk.  Fast forward to last night’s Smackdown Live, Daniel Bryan called all the women to the ring and vacated the Money in the Bank briefcase.  His next announcement is another thorn in the side of fans, he booked another Money in the Bank match for next week’s Smackdown Live.  So the company built and built on the history and importance of the match, just to crap all over it.

The women went out their and killed it and did their part.  But a little over a week after they worked their tails off, they now have to go out and match or exceed the original anddeliver a finish that will appease the fans. Anything other than a stellar performance and great finish will further diminish the legacy of the match.  The women went out and worked their butts off just to have it stolen.

One Step Forward Just to Take Two Steps Back

The WWE gave the women the keys to the house, let them move in, and then told them they could only use half the house.  The company had a chance to do something special.  To continue the push of their “Women’s Revolution.”  They chose to take the low road and steal all the shine.  They could’ve come to a similar ending.  All they had to do was take a different route and they’d be where they wanted to be.  But of course, the phrase “work smarter not harder,” tends to evade the big man with the pencil.  Instead of elevating the women to yet another new height. All the company has done is tarnish what could have been the start of a great legacy.

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In the span of 10 days, we will see two women’s Money in the Bank matches after not seeing one ever.  I am a mixed bag of emotions going into the rematch on next week’s Smackdown Live.  I look forward to seeing what the women can do with another blank canvas but I’m also disappointed that they have to do it all over again. It appears the higher ups still don’t view the women as equals.  Yes, they’re getting more opportunity to shine but it feels as if the company isn’t ready to go all in.  With this being the best roster as far as talent is concerned. Especially in regards to the women, they need to take the handcuffs off.