Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns Need to Do a Double Turn


With the two slated to face one another at the Great Balls of Fire PPV, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns both should conduct a double turn.

This past Monday on RAW, WWE fans were pleasantly shocked when the Monster, Braun Strowman made his return. Fans were originally led to believe that Strowman was going to be out for at least six months.

However, during the Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe match on RAW, Strowman made his return coming back in an ambulance. Strowman would cost Reigns his match and then attack The Big Dog in his yard.

When he arrived in the arena Strowman received a big ovation, and played up to the crowd after he beat down Reigns. With an ovation like that, you would think that it is Strowman who is the real hero in this upcoming match.

Reigns, on the other hand, has continued to be booed and vilified in every arena he has been in since WrestleMania. After defeating The Undertaker and most likely retiring one of the most iconic stars of all time, Reigns new ego and mentality that he is The Guy in WWE has not made him popular among fans

This past Monday on RAW, Reigns automatically declared he would be the number one contender for The Universal Championship at Summerslam. This new sense of entitlement did not go over well with the crowd as Reigns continues to distance himself from the fans.

The two are now set to clash in Ambulance match at The Great Balls of Fire Pay Per View. With all of this going on, WWE should use this match to set up a double turn, having Strowman turn face and Reigns turn heel.

With the way the fans have been treating these two now seems like the time that the company should flip these two stars. And with a brutal Ambulance match, the company could book the match in a way that fans get sympathetic for a monster like Strowman.

This feud has a very similar style to the iconic feud of Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin that took place in late 1996-97. In the beginning of the feud, Hart was the hero with fans adoring him, while Austin was the villain who made it his mission to take down Hart.

When the feud began Hart was the hero and Austin was the villain, however as the feud continued their roles became blurry leading to their epic match at WrestleMania 13. Their match was a submission match, when the match started Hart was viewed as the hero but the quickly changed.

Austin got cut open badly in the match and with blood pouring down his face, Austin tried to fight out of the sharpshooter but passed out and lost the match. After the match the crowd applauded Austin for his will not to quit, while Hart was now seen as the villain as he would attack Austin after the match.

The next night on RAW, Hart would officially turn his back on the WWE crowd while Austin became the new hero in WWE. This same story seems to be happy with Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman.

When their feud began Roman was the hero while Braun was the monster looking to take down the companies biggest star. However as we are starting to see the lines between hero and villain between these two are starting to change.

At Great Balls of Fire, Roman could badly beat down Strowman to the point where the crowd becomes sympathetic towards the monster. Braun could then do everything he can not to quit but eventually fall to Reigns and his unforgiving attack.

This could then turn the fans against Reigns as he took his attack to far, causing the fans to turn on him completely. The next night on RAW, Reigns could cut a promo stating he doesn’t care about the fans, all he cares about is winning the Universal Championship.

Roman Reigns could then start his path as the top heel, while WWE could focus on turning Strowman into the biggest face in the company. These two could then clash again down the road for the Universal Championship with their roles reversed.

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With the fans dictating who they love and who they hate, WWE should turn Roman Reigns heel and Braun Strowman face at Great Balls of Fire.