4 WWE Stars That Could Break Out This Summer

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With Summer just beginning we look at superstars on both WWE RAW and Smackdown Live who could break out in July and August.

The Summer has finally arrived and for the WWE this sometimes is good news and other times it is bad news. In years past WWE seems to struggle during big chunks of the Summer in particular late June and July.

With the weather being beautiful and people being off from school and work, people are out enjoying the weather and having fun. This means on Mondays and Tuesdays a lot of fans are not watching WWE.

Fans generally don’t start coming back to the product until August when the build up to Summerslam begins. With this happening a lot often, current top stars either take time off or do not appear regularly.

This means that opportunities on both RAW and Smackdown Live could open up for superstars who haven’t received a big break yet. With both John Cena and Brock Lesnar not appearing on WWE consistently throughout the summer, along with the possibility of other top stars taking a break this summer could help create new stars going forward.

The Summer is generally the best time to try new things because of the low ratings. If it works then WWE will continue pushing the star, however, if it fails it’s not too big of a deal as the ratings are already at a low point.

With the summer being a huge time to develop new stars we look at four superstars who could have breakout summers.