4 WWE Stars That Could Break Out This Summer

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4. Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango)

Who would’ve thought three months ago that Breezango had a chance to be major players in the Tag Division on Smackdown Live? The two spent all of last year jobbing to other tag teams on the blue brand and the feeling was that the two would do relatively nothing.

However, when the two were given an opportunity they took it and ran with it. The two began to gain a following when the two were both praised for being key parts of the Southpaw Regional Wrestling show on the Internet.

Soon after the show came out the two became number one contenders for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships. The two then began showing vignettes backstage as The Fashion Police. The vignettes have parodied cop shows such as Law and Order and Miami Vice.

The comedy that the two have shown in the vignettes have gained them a fan base and the duo are quickly becoming one of the more popular tag teams. Despite coming up short to The Uso’s at Backlash the duo have continued some strong momentum continuing to win on Smackdown Live.

The duo defeated The Ascension at Money in the Bank and seemed poised to once again get a shot at the WWE Tag Titles. Breezango have shown they have great chemistry and are truly one of the only teams on the whole roster who have personality.

Heading now into the Summer, WWE could use this time to continue building up Breezango on The Blue Brand. The two could possibly get another title shot at Summerslam which would be a huge push in the right direction for the pair.

Breezango are hilarious and are quickly becoming must see on Tuesday Nights, the Summer is the perfect time to continue on developing them.