4 WWE Stars That Could Break Out This Summer

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3. Elias Samson

When The Drifter known as Elias Samson started to show up on RAW in random places and times, fans began to worry if he would be able to survive on Monday Night. Despite having a following down in NXT, Samson was never one of the top guys down in NXT.

After it was announced he was coming to the main roster fans were hoping he would end up on Smackdown Live where he could continue to develop. However, The Drifter ended up heading over to Monday Night RAW.

Samson would drift around the backstage area for multiple weeks until Kurt Angle booked him in a match against Dean Ambrose. Samson would win the match and would then proceed to perform on the following RAW’s and at Extreme Rules.

His one-man concerts have caused crowds to get hostile at Samson who has done an excellent in getting responses from the crowd. Samson now seems to poised to start the Summer in a feud with Finn Balor.

In just a short period of time, Elias Samson has become one of the best overall heels in WWE as he gets legit heat with the crowds. Samson for a big man is also solid in the ring and is showing he can handle himself in the ring.

Samson has already been placed in a big feud with one of RAW‘s most popular talents in Finn Balor. WWE should use the Summer to continue pushing Samson to the point that by the time we hit the fall he can be in feuds with other big names like Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

The Drifter has quickly shown that he could be a top guy on the flagship show, now its time to develop him.